Benefits of NLP Coaching 


NLP coaching is about making change happen easily and effortlessly.


That doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do! It means we get to the root of the issue and use techniques like Timeline Therapy and hypnosis as well as a range of NLP techniques to remove the blocks like limiting decisions and limiting beliefs.


So what is NLP Coaching then?

You can think of NLP as attitudes of curiosity and experimentation, and tools that can rewire your emotional responses. If you ever wished you weren’t so triggered, or that fear, hurt, and anger didn’t get the better of you then this is for you.


It’s a brilliant for your overall wellbeing, and my clients often come to me to work on things like:

  • Anxiety, self doubt and confidence

  • Overwhelm

  • Setting and achieving achieve goals that align to your purpose

  • Weight management

  • Procrastination 

  • Fears and phobias

  • Communication skills

  • Improving relationships

  • Get career clarity

  • Managing symptoms of ADHD

  • Imposter syndrome 

  • Breaking and making habits 

  • ​Letting go of  the fear, anger, hurt, sadness and guilt

Coaching plans are only bookable via a free 30min Discovery Call to ensure a good fit with your needs, and to answer any further questions you have before coaching begins. 

Compassionate coaching

Mine is a compassionate coaching experience. We break free of modern conditioning where we judge ourselves so harshly on how hard we work and blame ourselves and others for when we fall short. When we start to lose all sense of who we are.


When we get trapped in a cycle of “trying harder”, working harder, and attempting to force change, and beating ourselves up, we just end up feeling more stressed and anxious. This can seriously affect our physical and mental health.


NLP Coaching enables you to step back from difficult thoughts that ruminate and keep you stuck. You can break free of habits and behaviours that aren’t serving you, generate new, empowering beliefs, to see the world differently and actively choose the life you want. 


This is where change happens easily and effortlessly.


Stop now, and just imagine what could you use your time and energy to create in your life, if difficult thought and feelings were no longer in your way?



My own experience

I can tell you first hand, of the life changing benefits of NLP Coaching (and I don't use that phrase lightly!), in fact I still have NLP Coaching and supervision myself.

But don't just take my word for it, have a look at my client feedback and my credentials.