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Imagine you felt in control and calm during childbirth. If you could access a relaxed state whenever you needed it? Maybe you are the birthing partner and want to provide the best support you can? 

Hypnobirthing has been shown to be a highly effective way to assist you in having as relaxing and calm a birthing experience as possible, reducing stress, and anxiety.


I am not a Doula, and I do not attend the actual birth, rather I equip you and your birth partner with the skills and knowledge to be able to take ownership, as far as possible, of how you want your childbirth experience to be.

All births are different, and hypnobirthing is not a guarantee that all will run smoothly, nor is it directly about pain relief. What it can do is assist you in being much more relaxed which, in turn, helps your birthing muscles to work optimally. It helps you feel in control and offers a much better chance of feeling relaxed, calm and happier throughout.

Hypnobirthing involves the teaching of self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques that you then use during labour and birth, keeping stress at a low level to help your body better cope with the process and help reduce your perception of pain.

Hypnobirthing takes place with you and your birth partner over 4 sessions:

​Session 1: Demystifying Hypnosis

Session 2: The Power of Relaxation

Session 3: Hypnosis at home

Session 4: Control and Empowerment

Session 5: The Environment of Choice

Session 6: Labour and Birth

Also includes:

- Bespoke MP3 hypnosis recordings for use in between sessions


The importance of a birth partner

It is entirely up to you whether you want your birthing partner to attend hypnobirthing sessions, however, it is recommended so they can learn with you. You can practice together, between sessions, and they can learn how best to support you during delivery.

Of course, there will be cases when things don’t go to plan but having a general idea of how you would like your experience to be is very useful for both parties, and as this is an all-natural approach there is no risk of harmful side effects.

When should I start hypnobirthing sessions?


Hypnosis is no exception to learning any skill – it requires practice, and you will be given tasks to do in between sessions. The more practice, the more competent you will feel when you put your skills into action. Somewhere between 25-30 weeks should allow time for this, with the course typically being over 6 sessions, 1per week.

If you are further along than that, don’t worry. You can still benefit. Just learning basic principles and techniques can be hugely helpful – just get in touch for a discovery call to discuss your requirements.



Remember a time when you felt unstoppable...

Like no-one and nothing could touch you...

On top of the world... 

Imagine if you could access this confident state whenever you wanted to!

Anticipated number of sessions: 5

Investment: £349

Hypnotherapy is highly effective way to build confidence and self-esteem by creating practical, long lasting emotional and behavioural change.


Using advanced hypnosis techniques, I will assist you in re-evaluating your old belief systems and replace them with new habits and patterns.


Maybe you want to speak up at work when you would otherwise stay quiet? Perhaps you want to feel more sure of yourself in social situation? Often though, clients come to me because low confidence is affecting every facet of their life. Keeping them from doing what they want to do. Keping them from being who they want to be.

Hypnotherapy changes your view, and the way others view you

Whatever area of your life you feel would benefit from a boost to your confidence, this is the best and fastest wat to experience a fundamental shift in the way you view your world, and in turn, the way others view you.

Hypnotherapy, especially when combined with NLP and Timeline Therapy™ techniques, is highly effective way to build confidence and self-esteem by creating practical emotional and behavioural change.

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