One to One NLP Coaching Plans 


Your future self will be so glad you made the decision to take charge of your life, now!


NLP is a proven pathway to get results faster than by trial and error that can take years. Choose the plan you want, to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be. 


What is NLP Coaching with Sue like?

Mine is a safe, non-judgemental and compassionate space where, together, we use the best NLP and coaching tools and strategies to develop your mindset so you can get focussed on what you want, overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.


By deciding to focus on what you want, and what is in your power to achieve instead of what you don't want, and can't control, you can transform your life.

Whatever you decide to focus on, I offer fully bespoke coaching packages designed 100% around what you want to achieve. No "one size fits all" plans here! 

Engaging with a skilled and experienced professional is an excellent step towards putting yourself at cause rather than effect in your life.


I also know it can feel a bit daunting so please read through this site, and engage with my social media accounts to get an idea of who I am and how I work.


Most certainly, take advantage of the free discovery call and watch the film to meet me and find out more...

Coaching plans are only bookable via a free 30min Discovery Call to ensure the relationship feels right, and that there is a good fit with your requirements.

Why NOW is never too soon to start...


Think about something you want to achieve... It could be a sense of confidence, a new job, having better relationships, a healthy weight, to beat overwhelm... let your imagination flow...

What would achieving that goal bring you? How many ways would your life be different? How would you feel? 

Its not your circumstances that create your life, its your mindset. The life you really want can be yours.


It all starts with a decision. to invest in yourself and take action to put yourself in charge of your life.



The 6 Hour Coaching Plan

A short coaching plan that is ideal for a specific issue or goal. The sessions are to be used within 8weeks to allow flexibility and retain momentum.

  • 6hrs private 1:1 coaching time

  • Sessions in any combination of 60-90mins

  • Option to purchase Power Hour sessions on completion

  • Fully bespoke, programme designed solely in response to your wants, needs and values

  • Bespoke homework worksheets & tasks if wanted

  • Email support between meetings 

  • Accountability checks if you want them

Investment £469

Stones of Meaning

The 12 Hour Coaching Plan

This is a transformational coaching plan designed for deep work over a longer period. The sessions are to be used within 16 weeks to balance flexibility and progress.

  • 12hrs private 1:1 coaching time 

  • Sessions in any combination of 60-90mins

  • Option to purchase Power Hour sessions on completion

  • Option to spread payments over 3months 

  • 10% discount if purchased within a week of the Discovery Call

  • Bespoke programme designed solely for you, no two are the same

  • Bespoke worksheets & tasks if wanted

  • Email support between meetings

  • Accountability checks if you want them

Quality Time

Investment £849

10% discount if booked within a week of the discovery call

3 month payment plans available on request (£300 x3 payments = £900)

The Power Hour


Power Hours are perfect for clients who have already completed a 6 or 12 session plan​ and want a "top up". 

  • 60min private 1:1 coaching

  • Fully bespoke session designed to build on, and add value to your coaching journey so far

  • Great as a bit of a "re-charge" and as a "top up" when you need it

Investment £70

Coffee and Book

How it works...

Coaching can be face to face in The Coaching Cube! My private coaching and hypnotherapy space in Oakwood, north Leeds.

Virtual coaching on Zoom is also great because:

- You don't have to leave your home

- No travel time

- No fuel costs

Evening and weekend appointments available at no additional cost.