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Life Coaching... It's a bit like designing a house

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

You need somewhere to live so you look at your options based on what is important to you e.g., budget, how much time you are willing to invest to find what you really want, how much you are willing to compromise etc. You might want a "turn key" house, all fully functioning and ready to go. Or maybe you prefer a “fixer upper” so you can enjoy making your mark on it.

The estate agent shows you lots of houses. Some you already looked at and didn't work for you, some you didn’t know about, some you hadn’t thought could work for you, and some you wouldn’t have had time to find on your own.

What if you were no longer limited to what was on the market at the time you happened to be looking? What if, instead, you could build the perfect house (whatever that means for you)?

Imagine, standing in the garden looking at the perfect house that you have created, smelling the fresh air, hearing the birds sing, feeling all the feelings of being totally, totally happy, satisfied and fulfilled with your choices.

Life Coaching with NLP is a bit like removing the estate agent.

It can take you beyond the house listings that mean you often end up choosing what you know, what feels safe and familiar, or choosing something completely wrong that’s is out of alignment with what you want (because you don’t know what you want, yet). Maybe you have chosen by omission – deleting the information you don’t want to see, and ending up with whatever you get (choosing by not choosing is a choice you are making by the way!). Ultimately, however you make your choice, you are getting what your programming, conditioning, and the outside world tells you can/should have.

Like building a house from scratch, Life Coaching with NLP starts with the raw materials. You choose the land in the area you want, and work with the right people with the skills and attitudes to help you create any house you want. As you set about creating the house of your dreams, new information presents itself, your influence can’t not result in new information.

Stuff leads to stuff.

With each choice you make, strange coincidences happen as if by magic (some people call this luck). If it goes in an unexpected direction that isn’t helping you create your house, you simply use your raw materials to create something different, and again, and again, until you have a house that no estate agent in the world could get for you.

So... if all the barriers were removed, what would you create in YOUR life?

Get in touch to find out how I can help you to design the life you really want.


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