Teenage Coaching



Teenage Coaching helps you manage:​

  • anxiety

  • confidence

  • communication skills

  • stress 

  • set and achieve goals

  • exam pressure 

  • relationships and friends

  • self-acceptance

  • your mental health

  • self-doubt

Teenagers have it tough...

Adolescence is a time of life when we experience enormous transition. We develop new knowledge and skills, learn to manage emotions and relationships, grow and develop physically, and develop the characteristics and personality types in preparation for adulthood.

And being a young person in the 21st century is particularly challenging. These days you have to deal with a unique set of pressures that adults of my age and above never used to experience. For a start, the advent of social media means that there is an ever present pressure to look a certain way, have the right things and generally live the perfect life with the perfect people all the time. You also paid a high price during the pandemic.

Despite the commonalities, you are unique. There is no other human like you on this earth! The changes you are experiencing affect everyone differently. My work is young person centred, which means that my starting point is always the young person themselves, they identify their own issues and together we can develop a plan to achieve their personal goals.

Parents / carers...

As a parent of teenagers myself I know first hand about the worry that comes along with the job!  It is also difficult when sometimes, no matter how much you show you care, your teenager simply will not discuss their personal lives with you. They, and mother nature, are trying to achieve their independence.

Adolescence is when some changes in brain chemistry kicks in, and this means they naturally take high risk decisions often with poor judgement - ever wondered "why did they do THAT?!"?

Research shows that half of all adult mental health issues present during adolescence, and 75% begin by the age of 24! Research also shows that protective factors include;

  • communication skills

  • having a sense of control

  • problem solving skills

  • capacity to reflect

  • ability to manage stress and adversity

  • developing a positive mindset

  • self-esteem and confidence.

If you your child has decided for themselves that they want a bit of extra support, I am here to offer them a safe space to open up and reflect. To gain insight and options, and a sense of what they want without any judgement. 

Sessions are 100% confidential between myself and the young person as client. The only exception is if there is a safeguarding concern, or if I feel the young person is a risk to themselves or others in which case I have a duty of care to report any concerns to the appropriate statutory bodies.

*Please note: as a Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor I can spot signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions including: depression, anxiety, suicidal feelings, psychosis, self-harm and eating disorders. I offer safe, appropriate and non-judgemental listening as well as signposting to appropriate UK support if necessary, I am not qualified to diagnose or treat a mental health condition.