Hi, I'm Sue! 

I am an NLP Coach & Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Timeline Therapist™

and Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor

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All things created start in the mind!
I offer a high value, bespoke, compassionate coaching experience to help you make change happen easily and effortlessly, to get the results you want.


I know you know the feeling. That feeling that you are living a life that's smaller than you are capable of. Frustrated, stuck and knowing there is more.


You might know what you want but just can't seem to make it happen. Or maybe you can't see through the fog yet, and there is that nagging feeling that things could be so much better?


What is the cost of not changing? A year from now...10 years from now... what have you missed out on and how is that affecting you, and the people around you?


Now picture yourself in the future, living in the achievement of more than you dared to dream! How may ways do you feel better? How much happier, how much more fulfilled? How much more "you" are you? And, how glad is your future self, that you made the decision, now, to stop waiting to take charge of your life.

You only really need three things for change to happen:

1. You have to know you want to change (if you are reading this, you are already a step ahead!)

2. You need to know how to change 

3. You have to get, or create the opportunity to change ​

If you have decided you want change in any area of your life, NLP Coaching is the difference that can harness the power of purpose and get past what's holding you back to discover what you are really capable of! (Hint, it's so much more than you think!)

If all barriers were removed, what would you use your time and energy to create in your life?

The mind is a muscle...

Think about the most common problems we deal with in our lives. Lack of confidence, lack of exercise, unhealthy habits, procrastination etc. In most cases, problems like these are not a physical issue, but a weakness of the mind.


Just like every muscle in the body, the mind needs to be exercised to grow in strength. It needs to be worked consistently to grow and develop over time. If you haven’t practiced pushing yourself in lots of little ways over time, then that one day when things get a bit challenging, you'll crumble.


But it doesn’t have to be that way. You have a choice…


Mindset + action = change

You can choose to notice and pay attention when it would be easier to mindlessly scroll through social media. You can choose to get up and exercise when you would prefer to sleep in. You can choose to create something special when it would be quicker to consume something average. You can choose to say what you think when it would take less nerve to stay quiet. You can prove to yourself, in hundreds of little ways, every single day, that you can manage what life throws at you, and more than that... you can create a life you love.


Mental strength is built through lots of small, daily wins. It’s all the little individual choices we make day-to-day that build our “mental muscles". We all want this kind of strength, but we can’t wish our way to it through so called "positive thinking".


This is where NLP Coaching makes the difference!

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