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About Me...


Like all of us I have many parts to my life, and I enjoy all the pleasure and  challenges that come with juggling them. I am such a lucky person in so many ways, not least, I have the great privilege to work with some truly brilliant clients.


I don't just practice NLP, I live it.

I have travelled my own journey including some high bits I am grateful for, and some trickier bits where I navigated periods of significant personal and professional change that taught me so much.


I wish I had found NLP years earlier!

Like anyone, I am a constant work in progress. I coach, and I am coached, continuing to benefit hugely from NLP coaching in my own personal and professional life.


Don't be too surprised at how soon NLP gives you new perspectives, choices and resources!

Modern life can so easily build to overwhelm. Before you know it, you have lost sight of what you want, and can feel disconnected with who "you" are, and living life in a series of compartmentalised boxes, not yet having discovered what you are truly capable of achieving.

"I am who I am with you, with you" Esther Perel


Imagine if "Mindset" was on the curriculum at school. The difference you could make in the world, and all the amazing things you could use your time and energy to create if thoughts of what would happen if you failed no longer held you back!

I can teach you the stuff you didn't learn at school. How to run your mind and manage your emotions to get the results you want.

I am a mum, a partner, a former professional dancer, a Chartered Manager, and a passionate believer in personal growth. 

My Mission


Using the transformational power of NLP and Hypnotherapy to help my clients manage their emotions and run their minds for success. Realising and expressing their fullest potential.


Why I Coach? That's easy, it's the people...


On all the scales you can measure, I am a “people person”.


Unsurprisingly, my 20yr+ career has followed this theme, coaching clients from all walks of life, working with young people and families in a full range of circumstances, and managing several teams including running two charities and nearly 10yrs as a Change Manager in the public sector. 

I see time and again the incredible transformational effect of excellent NLP coaching, and have the total honour and privilege of sharing a space of insight, reflection and change with some incredible clients.


I am at my most present in the coaching space where specific ways of thinking and acting (of the kind I can help you to learn) come together in the most amazing results. Have a look at my client testimonials for some examples.

Modern living and working can be tough.


By doing NLP Life Coaching, Executive Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy, you are investing in dedicated time to stop, reflect and choose instead, of reacting to what life throws at you.

And the exciting bit"Stuff" leads to "stuff" - like a ship going just 1% off course, you can reach a completely new destination.

One thing I know as an NLP master practitioner, is that you already have your own best answers. My job is not to give you answers, and I can't make you do anything.  Instead I use the incredible, transformational power of NLP and hypnotherapy to assist you in running your mind and managing your emotions for success.

My Values


I offer a high value, fully bespoke coaching and training experience that centres around the following values...

  • Non-judgemental

  • Compassionate

  • High challenge, high support 

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Creating lasting change

  • Always learning...

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