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About Me...


I am a mum, former professional dancer, manager and a passionate believer in personal growth. I am also a mum of three, a partner and a step-grandmother.

Like all of us I have many parts to my life, and I take all the joy and challenges that come with juggling them. I feel so lucky to do what I do, and have the great privilege to work with some truly brilliant clients.


I have travelled my own journey including ups and downs. Some high bits I am grateful for, and some trickier bits where I learned and grew by navigating periods of significant personal and professional change. 


I don't just practice NLP, I live it. I coach, and I am coached, continuing to benefit hugely from NLP coaching myself. It's incredible how, in a really short period of time, you can find new perspectives, choices and resources. I just wish I had found it years earlier!

Modern life can so easily build to overwhelm. Before you know it, you have lost sight of what you want, and haven't yet discovered what you are truly capable of achieving.


Imagine if "Mindset" was an exam option at school. Imagine the difference you could make in the world, and all the amazing things you could use your time and energy to create if thoughts of what would happen if you failed no longer held you back!

My Mission

Using the transformational power of listening, conversation and NLP to help clients improve their world, and achieve the results they want on their way to realising their fullest potential.


Why I Coach

On all the scales you can measure, I am a “people person”. Unsurprisingly, my 20yr+ career has followed this theme, coaching clients from all walks of life, working with young people and families in a full range of circumstances, and managing teams.

Through my management career I ran two youth charities, spent 8years as a Change Manager in the public sector, working restoratively to support teams and stakeholders.

I am also a licensed Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor, and I have developed training for schools to ensure a strategic, trauma informed approach to social, emotional and mental health.

Modern living can be tough. We don't always find ourselves with the time, space and support to stop. To step back and evaluate where we are, and where we want to be. NLP Coaching gives a safe space say what you really need to say with someone non-judgemental, skilled and safe. 

One thing I know as an NLP master practitioner is that you already have your own best answers. My job is not to give you my solutions, but to use conversational techniques and NLP tools to assist you to find your own solutions, and help you take action.

The amazing thing about opening the door to NLP coaching, is that it has ripple effects. "Stuff" leads to "stuff" but if you don't take the first step, you will never know.

My Coaching Values

This is your coaching, and your agenda. I offer a high value, fully bespoke coaching experience. With attitudes of curiosity and experimentation, together we learn what does /doesn't work for you. I support you to go beyond perceived limits and identify your next steps (you are never asked to do anything you don't want to do).

  • A non-judgemental process

  • A safe thinking and listening space

  • Compassion and respect. Always.

  • Continuous improvement 

  • Championing you

  • Confidentiality