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NLP Life Coaching 

NLP Coaching gives you the tools to run your mind and rewire your emotional responses, without the need to go back into painful past events.

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

Looking at this site means you want to change something in your life. Whether it's overcoming an issue or working towards a goal, you are already planting the seeds.

If you want to master your emotions and run your mind for success, then I can help you to:

  • Be free of anxiety, self-doubt

  • Build confidence

  • Beat overwhelm

  • Declutter your home and life

  • Set and consistently achieve meaningful goals

  • Achieve a healthy weight

  • Master the job interview

  • Eliminate procrastination

  • Turn off fears and phobias

  • Communicate brilliantly with anyone 

  • Improve relationships

  • Get career clarity

  • Put "Imposter syndrome" in the past

  • Let go of fear, anger, hurt, sadness and guilt


Coac with Sue

What is NLP Coaching with Sue like?

Engaging with a skilled and experienced professional is an excellent step towards putting yourself at cause rather than effect in your life.


I also know it can feel a bit daunting so please read through this site, and engage with my social media accounts to get an idea of who I am and how I work.


Most certainly, take advantage of the free discovery call and watch the film (below) to meet me and find out more...

Compassionate Coaching

Mine is a compassionate coaching experience. We break free of modern conditioning where we judge ourselves so harshly on how hard we work and blame ourselves and others for when we fall short. When we start to lose all sense of who we are.


When we get trapped in a cycle of “trying harder”, working harder, and attempting to force change, and beating ourselves up, we just end up feeling more stressed and anxious. This can seriously affect our physical and mental health.


NLP Coaching enables you to step back from difficult thoughts that ruminate and keep you stuck. You can break free of habits and behaviours that aren’t serving you, generate new, empowering beliefs, to see the world differently and actively choose the life you want. 

NLP Coaching is like nothing you have experienced...


Modern living is full of unprecedented challenge and change. Mental strength and flexibility is about more than just "positive thinking" that can actually make you feel worse. 

Now for a simple truth...


I can't make change happen for you. And I can't give you a magic pill.

What I can do for those who are ready to take ownership, is help you to access your own best resources using some incredible NLP techniques that can literally transform how you see and experience your world.

Where traditional coaching works with what you bring to the session, NLP Coaching gets to the root cause. In NLP Coaching we remove the unconscious blocks and limiting beliefs that we walk around with every day, not even knowing they are dictating the results we are getting in our lives. 

​Your future self will be so glad you made the decision to take charge of your life, now!

Its your mindset that creates your life, not your circumstances. 


Think about something you want to achieve... It could be a sense of confidence, a new job, having better relationships, a healthy weight, to beat overwhelm... let your imagination flow...

What would achieving that goal bring you? How many ways would your life be different? How would you feel? 


It all starts with a decision. to invest in yourself and take action to put yourself in charge of your life.

My own experience

I can tell you first hand, of the life changing benefits of NLP Coaching (and I don't use that phrase lightly!), in fact I still have regular NLP Coaching and supervision myself.

I coach and I am coached.

But don't just take my word for it, have a look at my client feedback and my credentials.

I know you know the feeling...


that feeling that you are living or working smaller than you are capable of. Frustrated, stuck and knowing there is more.


You might know what you want but just can't seem to make it happen. Or maybe you can't see through the fog yet, and there is that nagging feeling that things could be so much better but you can't put it into words yet?


What is the cost of not changing? A year from now...10 years from now... what have you missed out on and how is that affecting you, and the people around you?


Stop now. And picture yourself in the future, living in the achievement of your goal.

How many ways do you feel better? How much happier, how much more fulfilled? How much more "you" are you? And, how glad is your future self, that you made the decision, now, to stop waiting to take charge of your life.


Coaching Plans

12hr NLP Life Coaching Plan

This is a transformational coaching plan designed for deep work over a longer period. 12hrs to be used within 16 weeks to balance flexibility and momentum.

  • 12hrs private 1:1 coaching time 

  • Sessions in any combination of 60-90mins

  • Option to purchase Power Hour sessions on completion

  • Bespoke programme designed solely for you, no two are the same

  • Bespoke worksheets & tasks if wanted

  • Email support between meetings

  • Accountability checks if you want them

Quality Time

Investment £849

Payment plan available 3x£300 (total £900)


10% discount if booked within a week of Discovery Call

6hr NLP Life Coaching Plan

A short coaching plan that is ideal for a specific issue or goal. The sessions are to be used within 8weeks to allow flexibility and retain momentum.

  • 6hrs private 1:1 coaching time

  • Sessions in any combination of 60-90mins

  • Option to purchase Power Hour sessions on completion

  • Fully bespoke, programme designed solely in response to your wants, needs and values

  • Bespoke homework worksheets & tasks if wanted

  • Email support between meetings 

  • Accountability checks if you want them

Stones of Meaning

Investment £459

The Power Hour


Power Hours are perfect for clients who have already completed a 6hr or 12hr plan​ and want a "top up". 

  • 60min private 1:1 coaching

  • Fully bespoke session designed to build on, and add value to your coaching journey so far

  • Great as a bit of a "re-charge" and as a "top up" when you need it

Investment £75

Coffee and Book
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Venue Options

Face to Face: Coaching can be face to face in The Coaching Cube!

My private coaching and hypnotherapy space in the grounds of my home in Oakwood, north Leeds.

(Rest assured the Coaching Cube is a completely separate building, with it's own entrance for your complete privacy)


Virtual coaching on Zoom is also great because:

- You don't have to leave your home

- No travel time

- No fuel costs

Evening and weekend appointments available at no additional cost.

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