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Staff Training

Whether you are in the public, private or community sector, I offer a range of psychologically informed training to help you and your team develop critical skills for optimum performance.

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My Training...

As well as coaching, I have been designing and delivering training for over 20years to staff teams, and managers and leaders from early career to CEO level, front line staff, teaching staff, volunteers and many more.

I blend my NLP skills with a thorough practical and academic experience of business. Having run two charities and been a Change Manager in a large Local Authority for nearly 10years, I have worked with a full range of public, private and community stakeholders. 


I am a Chartered Manager with the CMI and hold a first-class honours degree in Business and Management from the University of Leeds.

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Training Options

Whatever your requirements, get in touch to find out how many ways I can help. Here are some options, and if there is anything else you need, just get in touch.

  • Team culture and values 

  • Leading change

  • Inclusive leadership

  • Personalities and getting the best from your team

  • Developing a whole system approach to mental health and wellbeing

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Supervision skills 

  • Managing professional boundaries

  • Managing Stress and wellbeing

  • How to have compassionate and challenging conversations

  • Performance management

  • Unconscious Bias

  • NLP consistent goal achievement systems

  • How to achieve work - life balance

  • Stakeholder management



Sessions can be delivered on site within West Yorkshire, or via Zoom, prices start at £850 for a day (4.5hrs delivery) or £500 for a half day (2.5hrs delivery).

Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements via the form below, or you can call / email.

Contact Me  |  Tel: 07872 489058

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Thanks for getting in touch!

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