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Breakthrough Days

An accelerated, intensive one-to-one coaching for rapid results.

Misty Field

The Breakthrough Day takes the best coaching and NLP techniques, and includes between 6-8 hours of totally bespoke, face to face, 1:1 time.


The intensive nature of the day allows you to go deeper than is possible in a weekly format.

Holding onto negative emotions and beliefs shapes the decisions we make in the future.


Memories, beliefs and patterns of behaviour are run from the unconscious mind. What may have been helpful to you in the past may no longer be serving you, and your unconscious mind keeps running these old behaviours and patterns until we give it clear, specific new instructions.


While we cannot change events in the past, we can change how you perceive, and feel about them, and how they impact your life going forwards.

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Excellent for:

  • Overcoming anxiety, stress and low confidence

  • Managing transition e.g., relationship breakdown, or career change

  • Finding fulfilment when you can't quite get a picture of the future

  • Finding balance and focus

  • Overcoming feelings of inertia​

  • A full emotional and mental MOT

  • Finding direction at a crossroads 

If you think you can, you could. If you think you can't, you won't.

Ideal for you if:

  • You have decided now is the time for a change

  • You want rapid results and don't want to wait over weeks of sessions ​

  • You want to address unresolved issues

  • You would benefit from being held accountable in a supportive non-judgmental space

  • You want to take ownership of your personal or professional life and get past whatever barrier is holding you back (even if you don't know what it is!)

  • You want to let go of negative emotions like; anger, hurt, sadness, shame and guilt

  • You need to fit in your coaching around other commitments

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  • One hour discovery call to understand your hopes and fears, and to ensure that the day is right for you.

  • You will be set a task to complete in advance, a comprehensive pre-session questionnaire and Preferred Representation System Test 

  • We can go through practical aspects and ensure you are ready to get the most out of the day itself

During the day...

  • We begin with a lot of questions designed to gain insight and momentum

  • The rest of the day draws upon a wide range of the most effective NLP and coaching techniques including Timelining, hypnotic language patterns, values alignment and many more. We are digging deep to uncover the source of your beliefs, thinking and behaviours. Then you are equipped with new insights and learnings that provide new resources and perspectives, enabling you to manage your emotional state, communicate effectively, and thrive.

  • The precise content of each day is different as it is designed completely in response to what you (and your unconscious!) reveal



  • A follow up session is available within a month of your Breakthrough Day to follow up and touch base with your progress

  • Option to book Power Hours  

Practical arrangements

  • Sessions take place at an appropriate venue, usually a conference space in a high quality hotel in Leeds where parking is available. Precise location will be confirmed when your Breakthrough Day date is confirmed.

  • Light refreshments and drinks are provided throughout the day, meals and accommodation are not provided

  • Please see policies, and terms and conditions here

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