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  • Sue Orwin

Are you Thinking of problems or do you have problems of thinking?...

We have all experienced our thinking running our life. If you aren’t sure what I mean, just pay attention to your feelings. Have you ever experienced that uncomfortable feeling that you can’t quite put your finger on?

I call them “icky” feelings.

“Icky” feelings to me, aren’t as extreme as the “Fight, Flight and Freeze” response that kicks in automatically when we perceive life threatening danger (in our modern world, the sabre tooth tiger can take many forms e.g., an unkind comment, a comparison on social media etc etc but I digress…).

“Icky” feelings can be powerful though, and they influence how your meeting, your day, or your conversation goes… They are a signal from your unconscious mind that something is… well… “off”.

The unconscious mind takes in vastly more information that we can process consciously. The information is there, you just can’t always access it consciously. These “icky” signals are telling us to pay attention to something in our unconscious.

Our memories, values, beliefs, decisions and programming are the perceptual filters and processes that influence what information we pay attention to, the attitudes we take and how we view our world. Ever had a conversation or a meeting where, afterwards, everyone involved left with totally different perceptions of what took place?

“Icky” feelings arise from the thinking programmes we run unconsciously and they can make us behave in ways we don’t want to. Whether that is snapping at someone when we are really experiencing “old” anger from a past experience, of feeling disappointment in ourselves when, once again, we avoided a person or situation we want to change but are afraid of.

To oversimplify a bit, thought leads to behaviour, leads to result.

If the thinking is “off” the result will follow that path. “Icky” feelings are a guide to the quality of your thinking.

Using NLP and coaching you can gain insight so that you can more successfully govern your thinking, emotions and perception of reality. Get in touch to find out how you can gain insight, intention, options and ownership over your life.

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